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"To safely portray a Confederate artillery battery under arms and in camp with the highest degree of historic accuracy reasonably attainable.? To reflect a military demeanor while raising the knowledge of the general public as to battle and camp life of the Confederate artilleryman and the Southern cause.? To promote Southern history, its symbols, and preserve the honor of the Confederate soldier."

Major General JEB StuartMajor John PelhamMajor James Breathed

Major General JEB Stuart

Major John Pelham

Major James Breathed

1st Stuart Horse Artillery


The 1st Stuart Horse Artillery Battery of Virginia Incorporated is a non-profit corporation headquartered in Floyd County, Virginia.? A large number of Floyd County men were in Stuart?s Horse Artillery during the War and we have members that have ancestors that were in the 1st Stuart as well as other batteries in ?Stuart?s Horse Artillery?.

Using the above mission statement as our Guide-on, we strive to be the finest example of Confederate field artillery in the reenacting community.? The majority of artillery units in the hobby today use only one gun.? Our goal is to recreate a multiple gun unit and demonstrate it working as an entire ?battery? and in ?sections? as well as individual ?pieces?.? We achieve this through an excellent and authentic chain of command structure and hours of drilling on the guns.

Although we portray a ?Horse Artillery? unit who?s main purpose was to support cavalry, our ?cannoneers? are not mounted, nor are our guns horse drawn.? We do however at times, work closely with another unit that is horse drawn for members that enjoy that aspect of the artillery.


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Lt Col R Preston Chew

Lt Col R Preston Chew