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Major General JEB Stuart

Major John Pelham

Major James Breathed

The 1st Stuart Horse Artillery Battery of Virginia Incorporated is dedicated to educating the public and honoring the Confederate soldier and Confederate symbols. We have members throughout Virginia and the mid-Atlantic region with our Headquarters in Floyd County, Va. We range in age from eighteen to sixty five and have a very high active participation rate. Our members are from all walks of life with professions ranging from students, craftsman, blue collar, teachers, and white collar professionals.

The Battery was formed in 2000 with most members at the time having belonged to a well established battery from the Shenandoah Valley. Our reenacting season lasts from March through November where our goal is to participate in one reenactment a month. We also attend many living histories, ceremonies, parades, marker dedications, and military demonstrations throughout the year. The Battery's main theater of operation is Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

We possess an excellent safety record and membership. Certification in the NCWAA is a must. Training and safety are priorities with us and we incorporate them into an authentic Confederate artillery drill. We camp garrison style and select our own messes for meals. We have a great time at the events and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.

Battery Members

Battery Members





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Established in 2000

18 years as a Battery.

Lt Col R Preston Chew

Lt Col R Preston Chew